Bienvenue au site.  Nous sommes désolés, mais nous n’ouvrions pas les mois de Mai, Juin, Juillet, aux moins, cette année.  Nous prenons le decision d’ouvrir en Août/Septembre plus tard, si c’est possible, avec la sécurité de santé pour tous! ? Welcome to our site, it is with regret that we will not be open for the months of May, June, July (at least) this year.  We will take a decision about August and September later on, with appropriate methods taken for the health of all.

You can quickly check  the availability  of  all the rooms on the calendars published on   ;  Au Coeur de Beaufort, Minervois, France and pay by credit card in advance via these sites site, but please contact us with all your booking enquiries and methods of payment.
We would be delighted to chat with you. but if not readily available to speak, leave a message by email and your contact details and we will return your enquiry email within 24 hours.

Our email is :
Our telephone number is : +33 (0)4 68 32 57 45

Au Coeur de Beaufort is currently open from the end of April to beginning of October each year.

Cost per night: From 80€ to 95€, depending on the month, per room for two guests, including a satisfying breakfast served either in  your room or in the the pool
10€ surcharge for  an additional guest  on ‘Lit-Bateau’ in Vintage.
Minimum stay 2 nights. We offer a discount for stays of 7+ days.
15% discount to MU/Equity/SAG-Aftra/ etc., members and accredited artists/ writers. Not applicable with longer stay discount.
Check In: 4PM – 8PM
Check Out: 12PM (noon)

Please note that we restrict our guests to those over the age of 12 years, but if you book all rooms for the duration of your stay we can make an exception. It is, however, not a house, pool or garden suited to very young children.